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Who We are?

Parbatirup Media Pvt. Ltd. a well-known but renowned old organization that dreams to bring under digital system all over India .So our first step is being digitalization of school in India republic. Our Live Digital Attendance System will add value to the school’s image by showing the parents that you care for the security of their children. It will also reduce irregularities and bunks of the students. The system will help the authority to simplify the whole administration work, save resources and time. We follow that, the guardians are keen to select old system in time of selection of schools so we are determined to bring all schools from A to Z which was not to your knowledge under your clutch but such were unknown to your selection.


The mentioned media is always ready to your all quarries as per in your suit able time fixed by you .we are always ready for your service 24 hours of all days in a weak if you request for call me back. Our specialty is to bring contact of those schools who are seeking you and we will prove why our media is the best of all medias underling such service 100000 students send the message to our website to know the details about necessary course fit to them .We send students submitting form for your demand course for which you are hankering.

You can avail best deal against 100% placement information against minimum fees to the media.

We are keen to render 100% guarantee you with those schools ready to contact you and this is to keep free you from any fraud information .Students are desirous to search digital marketing from little to littlest with the roll of time responsible parents are searching the best school from internet and such service can give you our media can give on 1% cost against supply of such genuine information. Do not worries think “why you pay?”


The world now is to participate to join with digital system and our object is to cope them with this (to meet the negotiation with school, college and Career We are 100%successful with such attempt .at present our idea is to bring A to Z school of India to your reach our target is to being all private and public institution under one platform.