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School Management Software

Presenting the new School Management Software that also called school Administer Software

Easily manage your Schools, Institute and Training centre with Online or offline school management software and latest mobile APP. Gomyschool software manages your students, record fee structure & collection module, stationary management, examination management, print student ID cards, reports cards, examination results and real-time attendance tracking system.

Enroll New Admission

  • Enroll new student in your school management software less than one minute.
  • Send Automatic welcome massage to parents
  • Save all relevant information of students.

Collect Admission Fee

  • Quickly collect admission fee from students
  • Send Automatic payment confirmation massage to parents
  • Print receipt automatic.

Book and stationary Management software

  • Quickly issue book to students
  • Collect money and print receipt
  • Manage stock and payment information

Student payment Management software

  • Easily collect student fees from online or by hand
  • Print Receipt.
  • Pre loaded fee structure.

View Payment information

  • One click view Student Payment information
  • Send SMS for pending payment alert
  • Print payment record.

Track Student attendance report

  • One click view Student attendance report
  • Print attendance report.
  • Manually add attendance if student loosed card

Staff payroll management

  • Generate staff payment in one click.
  • Print Student salary slip.
  • The payment should be count from biometric attendance systems